Need cheering up after a bad day, or just want to uplift your mood?

The ZingShorts Comedy Series has numerous short video choices that will tickle your funny bone!

Be it situations like What happens on a first date, to Life of a Chashmish to even When your dad visits your bachelor pad, we have it all! These are sure to get you hooked on, with brilliant performances and spot-on comic timings.

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Brilliant storylines, engaging performances the ZingShorts Skits Series offers mini webisodes often based on real-life situations with a hilarious perspective. Quirky characters breathe life into daily life situations ensuring an unexpectedly funny outcome. These original videos have innovative storylines that everyone can relate to and are sure to top your shareable list.

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Who doesn’t like to play a prank on others!

The ZingShorts Prank & Gags Series is loaded with the most innovative and crazy pranks with even crazier reactions from the pranked. These seemingly innocent pranks can raise alarms and bring down the roof as they unfold and reach the climax until revealed and they sure are not for the faint-hearted.

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