Frequently asked questions

What is ZingLin?

Zinglin is a social media platform for creating and sharing short lip sync videos between 10-60 seconds. Zinglin allows users to record their own videos and use it with a master audio track. Zinglin is the only platform which provides users with an opportunity to get featured on the cinema screen.

Zinglin also has an extra feature called Product Raffles. This gives the users an opportunity to participate in a draw to win Raffles as a reward to engaging with the app.

Who is a Zingler?

A Zingler is a registered user of ZingLin. Zinglers are representatives of the current young generation, which is more expressive than ever. They are looking for a platforms on which they they can freely express themselves by being just who they are and they are not judged for the actions.

What are ZingPoints?

Zing Points are the digital currency of the Zing Universe. Each users gets a cross platform wallet which accumulates the Zing Points. Their earn and redeem activity is tracked through this wallet.

How can I earn Zing Points?

The user earns points in the following ways

  • When the user registers he/she earns 500 ZingPoints
  • When another user registers on ZingLin using a referral from the user he/she earns 500 Zing Points.
  • When user connects his Facebook/Instagram social media profile he/she earns 2500 Zing Points.
  • The user earns No Zing Points for an approved Artist-Original Audio Track.
  • When the user’s uploaded Video is approved, he/she earns 100 Zing Points.
  • When another Zingler, uses a TruOriginal Recordable Track for his/her Zing, the original creator gets a 100 Zing Points.
  • When another user views this video for a minimum of 10 secs he/she earns 1 Zing Point
  • By enagaging in promotional content for a minimum of 15 secs he/she earns 1 Zing Point
  • When the user engages in 10 such content in a day, he/she will get at bonus (Daily Bonus) of 5 Zing Points for that day.
  • When the user engages in a minimum of 70 promo contents in a period of 7 contiguous days, he/she will get at bonus (Weekly Bonus) of additional 50 Zing Points for that day.
  • When a user shares his raffle winning information on social media, he earns 20 Zing Points.

How can I redeem my Zing Points?

The user can redeem Zing Points in the following ways:

  • By participating in Featured Raffles.
  • To improve his/her chance of winning the user can boost his/her chance by using the Boost Function which utilizes Zing Point. The boost will have a maximum limit set by the Publisher of the Featured Raffle.
  • The user can redeem Zing Points for Zing Shoppe gift vouchers.
  • The user can also redeem Zing Points to display their approved Landscape videos on a cinema screen of their choosing. The user may have to pay for the censor certificate expenses.
  • The user can gift their Zing Points to their favorite stars on ZingLin.

Who is a Club ZingLin Member?

A Club ZIngLin Member is a special Zingler who has a minimum of 10K followers on ZingLin or comparable short video apps and has registered themselves on Club ZingLin.

How is ZingLin different from other apps?

  • ZingLin is the only short video app which enables you to appear on the big screen.
  • It also has a Raffle feature, which rewards you for engaging with the app.
  • ZingLin provides a landscape (horizontal) video mode along with the usual portrait (vertical) video mode.
  • Zing Points is another unique feature for ZingLin
  • All of ZingLin’s master audio tracks are made available legitimately
  • ZingLin has content from all across India in 11 different languages

What is a Raffle?

A Raffle is a product trial of products curated especially for Zinglers. You can enter a Raffle by redeeming your Raffle Credit. Raffle Credits can be earned by engaging in promo content in your video feed. You stand to win exciting prizes for free for participating in Raffles.

What are the different types of Raffles on ZingLin?

Based on the requirement to enter the Raffle, there are 3 types of Raffles on ZIngLin:

1. Using Raffle Credits
  • Daily Raffles: These Raffles are set such that the draw time is 24 hrs from the launch.
  • Zing Point Lucky Draw: The winner will get Zing Points. There could be multiple such draws per day and with multiple winners per draw.

2. Using Zing Points
  • Featured Raffles: These raffles will generally involve certain high value\aspirational products and users will need to spend Zing Points to participate in these raffles. These could be active for a day, week, month, year, etc. The more valuable the products, the less frequent is
  • Microbid Raffles: This is a unique Raffle. In this case the user with lowest unique bid (for Zing Points) is the Raffle winner. The winning participant will have to spend the bid amount of Zing Point to claim the product. The participant can put multiple bids. However, for every participation he/she needs to redeem the set amount of Zing Points.

3. Free Entry
  • Third Party Publisher: The Publisher posts the Raffles. In exchange the publisher may ask for Survey/Quiz Participation or engaging in the Publisher’s Product Promo Content.

Is ZingLin really free?

ZingLin is completely free to use. It does not ask for any payment at any stage. Zing Points is a virtual currency, which are earned and spent in the Zing Universe.