The Secret Behind Creating Viral Videos

With Gen Z and Millennials becoming regular content creators on platforms like Zinglin, the next big question that arises is ‘How to Create Viral Videos?’ After all, there is no greater reward than recognition, for the kind of time and energy you have put in!

  • What is Trending?

Let's be honest, this is not even a tip! 

Even a newbie influencer knows this. Trending songs, trending hook steps, trending film dialogues, trending OTT characters, and trending...well, trends, are just the “few” opportunities you have at hand!

Follow the trend and the masses will follow you.

  • Originality

Why blend in when you are born to stand out?

You have to follow trends no doubt, but have you ever thought of bringing your own twist into that trend? No? There is nothing like giving your personal touch to trending content and creating an identity for yourself.

  • Hashtags

We love using loads of hashtags for our videos. But did you know that hashtags play a major role in showing your content to people?

Let's take an example:

Would you win a fashion contest if you competed against supermodels? Or is it likely for you to win if you compete against rookies? The second option, right?


The same goes for hashtags. Use hashtags with fewer followers. Reach the top position under that hashtag. Then change your hashtags to those with more followers. And this goes on till you’re at the top of the ladder.

The right hashtags can help you reach the right places!

  • Perfect Timing

As much as people love saying that there’s no such thing as perfect timing, we say there is!

There is always a certain time at which your videos gain the most views. For some, it's late evenings, for some, weekends, and for some, early afternoons.

Want to discover what your best timing is? Experiment on Zinglin, and find out for yourself!

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