Faisal Shaikh. Age 24. Followers: 13 Million

Riyaz Ali. Age 17. Followers: 20 Million

Avneet Kaur. Age 19. Followers: 15 Million

These creators have been rocking the short video content creation space since forever! Want to know how you can become a like a star them? You’ve come to the right place!

Since their birth, platforms like TikTok, MX Takatak, Chingari, why, even Zinglin which is only months old, have been raging with loads of short entertaining videos. And the Millenial and GenZ performers on there have become the new-age sensation. This only raises the question, ‘What do these creators do that has earned them this mega celebrity status?’

The key lies in creating entertaining but relatable content. It does not matter if you are showing off your dance moves or upping the drama, you have got to be striking the right strings in viewers’ hearts. We do all like Niharika’s videos where she rants about noisy eaters or old school moms, don’t we?

Before revealing the next tactic to you, I would like to state a quote.

“In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection.”

There are so many creators who tap into this human connection, not merely for followers but for creating awareness and empowering people. In a world which is filled with judgement and stigma, these influencers have indeed tried to bring about change and remind everybody that we are all human in the end and that’s all that matters. While this may sound like it has only serious content, creative ones also add humour and jest to it. After all, nobody wants their followers to get bored.

The last key here consists of only one word “interaction”. Do you have followers? INTERACT with them! Talk to them, hear what they have to say. Or else your number of followers will be just that. A number. Creators cannot get new followers if they do not even manage to retain the existing ones. Content creators, no matter how big or small are going to great lengths to establish a relationship with their viewers. They get to know what their audience wants to see and they create a permanent fan base! All through what? Mere conversation.

What have we learnt today?

1) Be relatable in your content

2) Leverage the human connection

3) Interact with your fanbase

Follow these three tips and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for? Emulate these tips and become the next popular icon on Zinglin!

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P.S.: It may have something to do with viral content *wink*

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