We love keeping our Zinglers on their toes. And so, we have yet another riveting playground for them - the Zinglin Inter College League

Season 3. ZIL is no child’s play and creators are bringing out their big guns! The new season has been started. Needless to say, the challenge is going to be tough. Keep following #ZIL to see the latest updates.


Zing Music has got an amazing response from our zinglers. Zinglin’s music initiative is where original, independent and sensational artists are creating some power-packed and trail-blazing tracks to add in your playlist. It has given fresh life to videos being generated by our content creators.To know more, click on the Zing Music icon. 

This monsoon has brought us the much needed respite from summer heat. Listening to the rhythm of the falling rain, and the soulful Zing Music track ‘Baarish Jaise Ho’ just made everyone dance. We have had some incredible entries for the Monsoon Magic challenge! @singwithpranjali and @diti  you’ve shown us how to live every moment to the fullest! 

This Tokyo Olympics has been extra special for all of us, with India winning the first ever Gold medal along with a strong line-up of silvers and bronzes! And our Zinglers have not held back their love for their favourite athletes! The Cheer4India challenge has seen many unique entries, absolutely worthy of winning gold. The  winners @naina592 @Neeharikacutiee @BadCaptain @bhumi0704 and @minnie have shown amazing support through their videos.

It's a very creative and unique idea of Zinglers that was created in When god made challenge! @kavitaaa07 and @badcaptain  have shared some of their amazing content. Zinglers had shown us some of their funny, some lovable, some embarrassing and some rather unconventional qualities about their dear ones.

God Made Challenge_App Banner[2606].png

Friendship Season on Zinglin was celebrated with a lot of togetherness! We received a crazy number of entries for this challenge which just goes to show our friendship bond with each other. So many Zingmates have collaborated together and showcased their amazing friendship with the Fun Together challenge!  The creators have really made this month as yaaron ka mahina! The winners @Sucharitaroy01 and @Rahulrana2002 have blown our minds with their amazing friendship bonds through their videos and made it memorable.

We know that all of you are super talented! Which is why this amazing challenge ‘Teach Ur Zing’ is getting such awesome entries. And if you haven’t participated in this challenge yet, don’t wait as the winners stand a chance to win an Octra Drone with a 4K camera. Now isn’t that the best prize for any content creator? Let's share our skills and help our fellow zinglers to up their skills too

Teach Ur Zing[2583].png

With the Olympic fever still on our minds, Independence Day has been a special celebration. Showcase your love and pride for India and brighten up with the beauty of tricolour in Dil Hai Hindustani challenge! Let's celebrate this independence day together.

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