The last few days have been epic at Zinglin! We have seen the launch of an initiative that was highly sought after, yes Zing Music! Zinglin’s music initiative where original, independent and sensational artists are creating some power-packed and trail-blazing tracks to add to your playlist. To know more, click on the Zing Music icon. (Even though no amount of words are enough to describe it, we’ll try our best to give you a glimpse through our words, and well, the music speaks for itself).

While at one end Zing Music is making waves, the ZIGP, our first Influencer Grooming program has begun! Congratulations to all the amazing creators on being selected for the ZIGP!



Your journey to up your content creation game has begun! We’re stoked to see u take the first steps to become these awesome influencers or as we love to call you #Zingfluencers! So bring your best game and make the most of this opportunity! 


Best of luck QB 1 & 2!


The response for the Yoga & You contest was incredible and fabulous! We hope each and every Zingler has discovered the perfect balance between body and mind. The winner,@diti and @ruchi123 have shown amazing skills in yoga, flexibly done! 

The wishes of the Zinglers were beautifully expressed in the contest Wish I Could! We hope all your wishes come true soon. @KetakiKshirsagar, @VIDHIJAIN27 and @leysha have won the contest with their creative content.

There were stunning and creative slow mo videos created by our Zinglers in the Slow Mode Challenge!  And it can’t be helped that we’re still reeling from the “aftereffects” of the challenge.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-14 at 9.43.37 AM.jpeg

The Zinglers have shown amazing response by showcasing their fabulous dancing skills in Aaja Mere Sath Naach challenge! This amazing track by The Records House and the rapper Chang Slang has a great impact on the Zinglers which make them automatically dance for the track. We’re already halfway through the challenge and the videos have kept us awake for nights!


And just when you're thinking that is all, we bring to you Zing Nights, our own space on the super cool app Clubhouse! If you missed out on the first night which was held on 10th July, watch out for updates on our social media for the next sessions. There are going to be cheerful, fun sessions thrice a week. Zing Nights is a club where we hold sessions with our Zinglers to share thoughts, interact with them, and have some crazy fun. So participate and share your vibe, only on Zing Nights with us!

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